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Planning to both buy and sell a property at the same time is no easy task. Read on for some ways to make it easier.

Are You Buying and Selling a Home? Here's How to Make It Easier

Hello, Jarred Kelenic. Goodbye, ball. The rookie hit his first MLB home run (and his first hit of his young career) in Friday's game against Cleveland.

Mariners’ Jarred Kelenic makes his first MLB hit count with a 2-run home run

WeWork CEO Sandeep Mathrani made headlines Wednesday for statements he made to the Wall Street Journal regarding employees who choose to work from home rather than an office. Speaking at the Wall ...

WeWork CEO apologizes for comments about working from home

On Friday morning, a military airstrike smashed my family's farm in the northern Gaza Strip into a jagged mass of metal and splintered trees. An Israeli bomb had slammed into the yard, carving a ...

DIARY: In Gaza, bombs drop and the conflict again hits home

Google may have retired the Home Max at the end of last year, but you can still find it on sale at the odd online retailer. And as it just so happens, A4C has discounted the smart speaker to $199.95.

Google Home Max is $150 for the first time since Black Friday

Before Google switched its smart-speaker branding to Nest Audio, there was the Google Home Max -- a product that's still in production, by the way, despite it being several years old. It's a big fella ...

Upgrade to bigger, better home audio with the Google Home Max for $150 (save $150)

Sales have been surging in the past few years for Home Depot (NYSE:HD) as consumers have been paying a lot more attention to the condition of their homes. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, ...

Home Depot Q1 Earnings Preview: Here's What You Need to Know

As bangers sizzle on the barbecue, it can ruin one’s appetite to think of the fate of the pigs from which they came.However, guilt-free sausages originating from animals that are still alive when you ...

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