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Should you even try to buy a house right now? Asking real-estate agents, economists, and potential homebuyers that question is likely to elicit something between a whimper and a scream these days. “It ...

You Should Probably Wait to Buy a Home

It’s the Christmas comedy that stayed in cinemas until way after Easter. Thirty-two years after it was made, it remains cherished and even venerated. Fans make a point of watching it every December.

Home Alone: A comic version of Straw Dogs or another kiddie comedy from the slush pile?

"Given what we've seen from the Iranian regime, they've shown themselves to be brutal," Mike Baker told The New York Post.

Iran's World Cup team could be in danger of 'retribution' upon returning home after losing to USA, says former CIA officer

Higher mortgage rates mean pricier monthly payments for homebuyers, which offset any affordability gained from declining property prices.

Did you believe falling home prices would make buying a house more affordable in 2023? You're wrong.

Ellen Pompeo still remembers swooning over the beach house the first time she saw it. There was something special about the modernist structure, perched on a blufftop overlooking the ocean in Malibu, ...

Ellen Pompeo opens the doors to her Malibu weekend home

Check out the trending projects people across the country will be wanting this season—and get some ideas for your own to-do list—as we bid farewell to 2022.

The Top Home Improvement Projects Everyone Will Be Doing This Winter

After I finished feeling sorry for myself, or whatever I was doing in that seat for so long, I pulled the phone out of my pocket. I’d placed it on do not disturb. A few calls had come from the office.

On Our Way Home: Chapter Seven

Americans looking to buy a house next year can expect less competition, more homes to choose from and the highest average mortgage rates in nearly two decades. Here's what they can't expect: A ...

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