Porcher 21360 Pedestal Leg, White



The Porcher brand name is well known. Product quality is their main concern and priority. They put a lot of research in development of their 21360 product line including its appearance. Its White color is just right for anything you can imagine. Buying Porcher 21360 Pedestal Leg, White is the best choice you can do!

Porcher 21360 Pedestal Leg, White

35" height pedestal designed for comfort Leg ONLY. The designs featured here are artistic creations imported from the imaginations of leading designers. Porcher 21360 Pedestal Leg. If you have a passion for things less ordinary. Porcher 21360 Pedestal Leg. White Features. White The Porcher (Por-shay) line from American Standard is not for the timid or those who wish to blend in. Porcher products will help you design a bathroom that has "you" written all over it

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