Swanstone VT22SS Side Splash, Almond Galaxy

Swanstone/VT22SS/Almond Galaxy


The Swanstone brand name is well known. Product quality is their main concern and priority. They put a lot of research in development of their VT22SS product line including its appearance. Its Almond Galaxy color is just right for anything you can imagine. Buying Swanstone VT22SS Side Splash, Almond Galaxy is the best choice you can do!

Swanstone VT22SS Side Splash, Almond Galaxy

Choose from a wide variety of easy-to-clean colors for your kitchen and bath. Almond Galaxy Featuers. Color and texture run all the way through and cannot wear away. Products made of Swanstone are covered by Swanstone's limited lifetime warranty. Shower floors. Vanity tops and bowls. Products include kitchen sinks. Swanstone VT22SS Side Splash. Side splash for Ellipse Vanity Tops Swanstone is authentic solid surface. Almond Galaxy Swanstone VT22SS Side Splash. Bath and shower walls

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